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I am new to Visual Studio development.

Occasionally I hide the toolbox on the left side of window of Visual Studio Express. But then, sometimes, I would like to use it.

How does one reactivate and display it?

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Ctrl-Alt-X is the keyboard shortcut I use, although that may because I have Resharper installed - otherwise Ctrl W, X.

From the menu: View -> Toolbox.

You can easily view/change key bindings using Tools -> Options Environment->Keyboard. It has a convenient UI where you can enter a word, and it shows you what key bindings include that word, including View.Toolbox.

You might want to browse through the online MSDN documentation on getting started with Visual Studio.

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Just select from the Visual Studio menu View- > ToolBox .

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This doesn't show up on mine for some reason – reggaeguitar Jan 10 '14 at 0:11

In Visual Studio Express 2013 for web it's hidden away in View > Other Windows > Toolbox.

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