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I am developing an eBook reader app for the iPad. This app also contains facilities like audio playing, video playing, making notes, etc.

Now I want to add some features so that this app can be of help to the people who are visually impaired (blind) or hearing impaired (deaf). I know that there is a framework called UIAccessibility in iPad for this specific purpose, but I could not find suitable sample code from apple or from any other developer regarding this issue.

Right now I'm a bit confused regarding how to proceed forward. Can anyone suggest me a few ways, methods or sample code for doing this so that I can proceed forward with my idea?

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There are excellent WWDC session videos (both 2009 and 2010) on using the UIAccessibility API. Available through Apple's iOS developer portal.

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Matt Gemmell covers this in his blog. See here.

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Hi saqib, i have read these documents.. These documents describes only accessibility option for default views, but can you give me some info regarding how to implement accessibility for custom views. For example, i am drawing a view using draw layer method.. Can you suggest me some ways in which i can make these views accessible. –  A for Alpha May 16 '11 at 6:03

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