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We like to start a Application without a Form (i.e Starting a Class and in this one we want to create the Form instances)

What are the different possiblities?

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There is no such thing as WinFormsEntryPoint.

Replace this line in Program.cs

Application.Run(new Form1());


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Thanks, that was what i'am searching for! – Wickedsquall May 12 '11 at 7:58

In the application Main() delete the lines that create main form and instantiate your class instead. This is (IMHO) the simplest way to do what you need!!

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Just change the code that Visual Studio generates for you, that's all. Look for the Main method (in Program.cs) and change what it does. When you want to show a UI, create the relevant form and run Application.Run to start a message loop in the UI thread.

There's nothing magical about what VS does for you here - it just gives you some initial code.

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