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i am trying to use fread to enter data to this structure, i have defined this structure as an header like this

    struct input_par
        char key[5];
        char key_node[5];
        char src_ip[15];
        char dst_ip[15];
        char src_port[5];
        char dst_port[5];


in my main function, in file input_data i have stored this data


for me @ means start of the data and | means end of valid data here i want to enter 822 to key, 822 to key_node, to src_ip and so on 6000 to dst_port, i am not able to do this for testing purpose i am just entering only 822 to key. I am using fread for the first time please help

    #include <stdio.h>
        int i;
        struct input_par input_par;
        FILE *fp;
        if(*fp == "@")
            while(*fp!= "!")
                    fread(&input_par.key, sizeof(input_par),1,fp);

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Probably a good idea to read a book on C before writing code. FILE pointers do not work in the way you have invented for yourself. – nbt May 12 '11 at 7:14
The code has plenty of obvious logical errors. – Shamim Hafiz May 12 '11 at 7:20
fp does not point to what you think it points to. The type FILE is predefined for you by <stdio.h>. It is a data structure which holds the information the standard I/O library needs to keep track of the file for you. It does not point to the contents of input_data, but instead to information about the file once it is open. – David C. Rankin Jul 1 '14 at 21:33

Well, you have some errors in your code. As @unaperson pointed out, that is not the use of FILE, and definitely you should learn about it.

If you are going to read each char in the file, and interpret @ as a delimiter, you can use fgetc instead of fread, which is used for reading big chunks. Be aware that fgetc returns an int, in order to be able to check the end-of-file error condition (you cannot read anymore).

You can read each field until the next delimiter, and store it in the appropriate field of your struct.

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