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I have a Section that only contains a SubReport.

I have a formula on "suppress (no drill down)" that hides the subreport. This works. However it leaves a big blank white space where the subreport would have been if it was visible.

I have ticked "Suppress Blank Section" and unticked "Keep Together" on the surrounding sections without any effect. How do I change it so my hidden/suppressed section does not display any empty white-space?

I am using Crystal Reports 11.

UPDATE It may not be the blank sections causing the issue, could it be the 2nd sub report which I do want to show is 2 big to fit on the first page so just starts on the 2nd page. I have unticked "New Page Before" and "Keep Togeather" for it

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Do you have "Suppress Blank Section" checked on your SubReport as well? – JustinStolle May 12 '11 at 7:22
Yes - but there is actually data for the sub report, but I just want to hide it based on a parameter – Daveo May 12 '11 at 7:28
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OK, I sorted it out.

The problem was the next subreport / section I wanted to show was too long to fit on the first page so was starting on a new page each time.

To fix I had to right click the subreport click "format subreport" then click the subreport tab, then untick "Keep Object Togeather"

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Thanx 4 da solution.I was trying 2 do this for a whole day :) – chamara May 15 '11 at 2:59

You will have suppress blank section in the sub report as well. Try checking this suppress blank section in all the sections of the subreport. It should work for you

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I did not have that, I just tried clicking every suppress blank section in the sub report, but it did not help. Would I need to add the formula I have for supress - no drill down to every section? – Daveo May 12 '11 at 7:30

Use same or similar formula (which you use for subreport hiding) for main report section supressing too. "Supress blank section" doesn't work well with subreports.

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Right click on the subreport. Format Subreport -> Subreport -> Suppress Blank Subreport.

This option is available at least on version 11.5.x

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