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I have 3 table Survey_Questions,Answer and Question_category. i want to view report like this

        QNo.    Yes No  NA
category A  Q1  12  6   2
            Q2  34  7   1
            Q3  54  8   2
category B  Q1  23  3   3
            Q2  3   2   2
            Q3  32  2   1
category C  Q1  35  4   3
            Q2  54  2   3
            Q3  23  7   5

I have probleam with count. I use count function but it give result all tha row count not row wise.

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You probably need to play with the scope of your Count(). It is hard to make a specific suggestion without knowing your groups, but you can scope by group, region, or dataset. Play around with it and hopefully you'll stumble on the right combo (that's what I always do - grin).

Good luck!

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Thx for reply but how to handle the scope of count()? –  user750116 May 18 '11 at 7:18

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