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Hey guys, I'm trying to create a 'booking confirmed' link, that when clicked changes the table field 'confirmed' from 0 to 1.

so far I've got:

function admin_markAsConfirmed($id = null) {
    $this - > Booking - > id = $id;
    if ($this - > Booking - > saveField('confirmed', 1)) {
        $this - > Session - > setFlash('Booking Confirmed');
        $this - > redirect(array('action' = > 'admin_index'));

But it's not working. All this does is insert a new row, instead of editing the row specified by $id.

How do I make this work? It seems so simple but I've been stuck for a good few hours on this.

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Did you check whether ID is actually being set? –  JohnP May 12 '11 at 8:20

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You should use something like this...

$this->Post->id = 1;<br/>
$this->Post->set('title', 'New title for the article');<br/>

Here is the link to the Cake book online

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If saveField doesn't work, then that doesn't work either. –  Juhana May 12 '11 at 13:57
doesn't work :( –  Harley Tankengine Alexander May 13 '11 at 2:17
Add $this->Article->read(); after $this->Booking->id = $id; I don't think setting the id actually does anything until you call a find or a read method. –  Mark Fruhling May 13 '11 at 12:09
@MarkFruhling nonsense. For the code in the question to not work, $id is not what the OP thinks or there is other unshown code that's interfering. –  AD7six Mar 6 at 8:46

Try this:

// Update field to desired value
$data = array( 'someModel' => array( 'id' => $this->someModel->id, 'someField' => 'someInfo' ) );

// Save the changes
$this->someModel->save( $data, false, array('someField') ); 
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