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i'm dynamically generating fields (from a hashmap):

<s:iterator value="app.fields" status="field">
  <s:set name="findex" value="%{'app.fields[' + #field.index + '].id'}"/>           
  <s:fielderror value="%{#findex}"/>
  <s:textfield name="%{#findex}" />

This method sets up the textfield ok:

<input type="text" id="saveapp_app_fields_1__id" value="[DE]Enter an ID" name="app.fields[1].id">

but not the fielderror. I add the fielderrors manually in the validate method. but all field errors get displayed n times for each fielderror tag. wich implies that what is actually happening is that the #findex seems to evaluate to null and i'm adding n <fielderror/> tags.

I could extract the field errors manulally in the jsp but was hoping for a more elegant solution.

Thanks in advance. Michael.

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I've never seen a fielderror declared in that way. Perhaps try:

<s:param value="%{#findex}" /> 
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