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I want to display special chars as an alert box using javascript and jsp...

String encodeString = "ss\ncc";
String test = "DisplayNext('"+encodeString+"')";
String NextLink = "<br><a href='#' onclick="+test+"> Next</a>";

That is

function DisplayNext(Next){

Though I've used special chars I am not able to display them in an alert box. How can I sort this out?

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You've posted 67 previous questions. With respect, you should be able to format code by now. See the handy How to Format box to the right of the question area, and the page linked from the [?] just above the question area. – T.J. Crowder May 12 '11 at 8:48
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Your code produce something like this:

<br><a href='#' onclick="DisplayNext('ss
cc');"> Next</a>

And what you need is:

<br><a href='#' onclick="DisplayNext('ss\ncc');"> Next</a>

If you want a line break in javascript it must look as \\n in java. So use:

String encodeString = "ss\\ncc";
String test = "DisplayNext('"+encodeString+"')";
String NextLink = "<br><a href='#' onclick="+test+"> Next</a>";

Also consider using a special function to escape your String objects as javascript values. Google will easily help you find it ;)

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If your String is URLEncoded in java you need to unescape it in javascript.


    String s = "ë";
    System.out.println(URLEncoder.encode(s, "ISO-8859-1"));

this will print out %EB



this will print out the character ë in alert message

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