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I am using a logic to highlight cells based on if the cursor is hovering over the row:

function setupTable(tbl) {
    if ($(tbl).find('tbody').size() > 0) {
        $(tbl).find('tbody tr').hover(function () {
        }, function () {

        if ($(tbl).find('tbody tr').size() > 10) {

The style rule is define like the follows:

.gridview .data
    background-color: White;
    padding-left: 3px;
    padding-right: 3px;

    background-color: #3169C6;
    color: White;
    cursor: pointer;

But on hovering the text goes white. The net effect is as if that row of data is blanked out. I open IE's developer toolbar. And try to play around.

enter image description here

I try to manipulate the class attribute and find out that

class="data highlight"

does not give the desired effect. But if I did


it sort of works...

I am trying to understand why this is so? How will the rules be applied if we do

class="data highlight"?


I want the padding of .data to be sort-of "inherited" (or maintained) to .highlight. What do I do then?

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You should have let us know about your update by writing a comment on the answers. I'm only here because I happened to check back on the question. In response to your update: the padding on .data will also be applied (for an element with class="data highlight"), because there is no padding on .highlight to override it. Or perhaps you should remove the padding from .data, and do .data, .highlight { padding: 0 3px }. – thirtydot May 12 '11 at 20:30
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.gridview .data has higher specificity than .highlight.

The result is that background-color: White (from .gridview .data, instead of background-color: #3169C6 from .highlight) and color: White (from .highlight) is applied, making it appear to be "blanked out".

To fix it, you should change .highlight to .gridview .highlight.

This fix will work because .gridview .data and .gridview .highlight will then have equal specificity, so it will then come down to which was defined last. That's .gridview .highlight, so the declarations in there will override those in .gridview .data.

If you also use the .highlight class in other places, then instead change it to .highlight, .gridview .highlight.

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thanx. but i think you should put the response for the update in your answer, rather than in the questions comment. And my apologies to those concerned for not intimating about the update myself. – deostroll May 13 '11 at 7:30

.gridview .data have higher priority than .highlight

You can read more here

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