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I need to change a line colour of a selected shape. I have the following code:

selectedShape.Cells["LineColor"].FormulaU = "RGB(255,0,0)";

It doesn't work for some shapes, while it works flawlessly for other ones. I also tried FormulaForceU and modifying other properties besides LineColor, it was all the same, it worked for some shapes, it didn't work for some other.

The stencils are non Visio standard and unfortunately I can't post them here.

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Is it safe to assume you've checked the formatting protection on the shapes where the code doesn't work? – Jon Fournier May 12 '11 at 18:30

Try use like this

selectedShape.Cells["LineColor"].FormulaU = "\"RGB(255,0,0)\"";

Visio need exact quote character for the formulas.

I had similar issue with the cell . However I used ].Formula


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Unfortunately, the Visio stencils I used didn't allow me to overwrite that property.

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