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I've created one usercontrol in vs2010 professional . The usercontrol is from DevExpress. I've used usercontrol's load() event. And i used xml file for my usercontrol application. In usercontrol i've added DevExpress xtraTreeList control & i populated nodes of xtraTreeList by using my xml file. My xml file is present in my applications directory path means- E:\MsgBlasterApplicationtemp\MsgBlasterApplication\bin\Debug\Database . When i'm drag & drop my usercontrol in my form then it gives me error. The error is as follows--

Failed to creste component ' TreeListUserControl'. The error message follows: 'System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException:Could not find part of path.

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This is the default behavior and you will reproduce it if you use the standard GridView on the standard UserControl. When the UserControl is positioned on a form, all controls on it work as if the application runs :(. Here is the solution which should work fine for you:

    private void XtraUserControl1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) {
        if(!DesignMode) {
            // your code to populate the treeList with data
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