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Please see the Image Here http://www.tiikoni.com/tis/view/?id=56f0053

Currently the code i am using is

<div style="background-color:#99CCFF;white-space: nowrap;">
    <div style="float: right;">
      <a href="url">Print</a>
    <span STYLE="font-size:24; font-weight:bold; color: black">Site:</span>
    Downtown Denver DataCenter - CCODEN44 |
    <span STYLE="font-size:24; font-weight:bold; color: black">Device</span>
    <span STYLE="font-size:24; font-weight:bold; color: black">Interface:</span>
    Wilmington DataCenter, DC

To make the Image 2 appear as shown in the Figure

Please advice .

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I don't understand what you are asking, but you seem to be asking about chaining divs. I'll just re-create what I see in the image for you.

    <strong>Interface Utilization</strong><br/>
    <div style="background-color:#9CF;white-space:nowrap">
        <span style="float:right"><a href="page">Print</a></span>
        <strong>Site:</strong> Downtown Denver DataCenter - CCODEN44 | <strong>Device:</strong> CCODEN44-ACME-RTR-1 | <strong>Interface:</strong> Wilmington DataCenter, DC
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first :use z-order


<div style="position:relative">
<div style="background-color:red;position:absolute;left:0px;right:0px;width:200px;height:200px;">

<div style="background-color:blue;position:absolute;left:0px;right:0px;width:100px;height:100px;">
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Put this on top of your existing div , but i doesn't know how to achive those borders around that div

  <div style="background-color:white;white-space: nowrap;">
<p><div style="float: right;"></div><span STYLE="font-size:50; font-weight:bold; color: black">Interface Utilization</span>   </p>
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