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Right now I'm doing it this way:

Within my applet, I connect to the URL of a CGI script, which starts the server process.

Is there a better way? How would you go about it?

Thank you !

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Using a simple HTTP call (as I assume you did) is the best way to do this.

There are other network protocols available, but there's the risk they may get blocked for security reasons.

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Indeed, a HTTP call to the aforementioned CGI script. I guess I'll keep it that way then, it's just that sometimes it seems slow (the process finishes faster when ran directly from CMD on the server). Thanks for the advice. – Dyte May 12 '11 at 10:54

If that is all the applet does, then you could do the same thing more simply with a little bit of Javascript embedded in a web page ... or possibly with a simple HTML <form> and <button> in a webpage.

On the other hand, if the applet is signed and trusted, then you could do pretty much anything that a regular Java application could do.

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