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I use Remove-WebBinding -Port $Port -Protocol https to remove a web binding. This removes the binding from the associated site but the binding continues to exist and I can find an entry under IIS:\SslBindings but not assigned to any site

If i try to assign any of these unused binding i get the error SSL binding for end point already exists.

question is which cmdlet should I use to delete the binding or to remove the entry from IIS:\SslBinding ?

Regards, Jeez

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What about using Remove-Item :

Example :

PS> dir IIS:\SslBindings

IP Address       Port Store            Sites
----------       ---- -----            -----          8172 MY          9000 My

PS> Remove-Item -path "IIS:\SslBindings\!9000"
PS> dir IIS:\SslBindings

IP Address       Port Store            Sites
----------       ---- -----            -----          8172 MY
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Thanks JPBlanc this does the job but is there any cmdlet defined in WebAdministration module that will do this ? –  JeeZ May 16 '11 at 7:38
Sorry, I don't know. –  JPBlanc May 16 '11 at 15:44
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Of course there is a WebAdministration cmdlet : Remove-WebBinding

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