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I'll really new in mongo and mongoengine. I'll whant to create object like this:

class Candle(Document):
    value = IntField()
    next = ReferenceField(Candle)
    prev = ReferenceField(Candle)

For using like this:

if Candle.value > Candle.next.value:
    do smf

Is it possible? I'll really glad to see some useful answers.

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You need to use the string 'self' as the argument to ReferenceField when you're referring to the class being defined.

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Just add the same issue, and I found the solution. I know it's been a while since the question has been asked, but it still may be usefull for some people.


class Candle(Document):
    value = IntField()
    next = ReferenceField('Candle')
    prev = ReferenceField('Candle')

Using quotes will avoid circular imports and everything should work as wanted.

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