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I am using bing map in my web application using api-reference7

i i have left,right,up,down buttons and i want user when click on these buttons they should behave as buttons on the control buttons.

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The left,right,up,down control buttons on the V7 toolbar are not trivial at all. The amount of offset from the cursor to the buttons controls the speed of the panning, and is a constant effect as long as the mouse is pressed. Do you really need this or is something more in the likes of: "click up" -> the map shifts a specified amount of pixels up ? –  psousa May 13 '11 at 8:52
yes i only want up,down,right,left –  Faisal khan May 13 '11 at 10:49

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    var NAVIG_MAP_STEP=100;    
function navigateMap(n, step){
            var loc = bingMap.getCenter();
            var locToPx = bingMap.tryLocationToPixel(loc);
            case NAVIG_MAP_LEFT: locToPx.x = locToPx.x-step; break;
            case NAVIG_MAP_RIGHT: locToPx.x = locToPx.x+step; break;
            case NAVIG_MAP_TOP: locToPx.y = locToPx.y+step; break;
            case NAVIG_MAP_BOTTOM: locToPx.y = locToPx.y-step; break;
            loc = bingMap.tryPixelToLocation(locToPx);
            bingMap.setView({center: loc});
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