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Is it possible to pass a parameter to the method which is being defined in controller, and called by tml ?




public String getDynamicFieldValue(String fieldToCompare) 


Could not convert 'getDynamicFieldValue("Subject")' into a component parameter binding: Error parsing property expression 'getDynamicFieldValue("Subject")': Unable to parse input at character position 22.
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Sure, it is possible. However, you must use single quotes around string literals:


Check the documentation for more information on property expressions.

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Is it possible to pass more than one parameter to the method ? According to my experience, it's not. –  suanik Apr 30 '14 at 14:55

Yes, it is possible to pass multiple arguments.

${getDynamicFieldValue('Subject', 'Object')}

where you have a method public String getDynamicFieldValue(String arg1, String arg2) ...

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