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I'm using the JSF 1.2 + Seam 2.2.1 and JBossAS 4.0.4.

I have the following entry in the file pages.xml:

    <redirect view-id="/facelets/error.xhtml"/>

But if I click on a commandLink and a commandButton after the session has expired, the server throws the following exception:

12:19:09,671 WARN  [lifecycle] executePhase(RESTORE_VIEW 1,com.sun.faces.context.FacesContextImpl@1d7187f) threw exception
javax.faces.application.ViewExpiredException: viewId:/facelets/login.xhtml - View /facelets/login.xhtml could not be restored.
  at com.sun.faces.lifecycle.RestoreViewPhase.execute(

It may also be worth noting, that no response get returned whatsoever.

I have already tried to catch the catch the exception explicitly, but it does not work.

Any suggestions?

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I found this while searching for error handling with Seam a while back

    <\!-\- Now we specify the super class of all Exceptions: java.lang.Exception.  This will catch all exceptions. \-->
    <\!-\- But it will give us access to the Exception to retrieve its contents for display to the screen.         \--> 
  <exception class="java.lang.Exception">
      <\!-\- still a good idea to end the "conversation" rather than leaving it open ended. \-->
        <\!-\- now we redirect to the current page. The code for this is in the next example. \-->
      <redirect view-id="#{viewId.currentValue}">
        <\!-\- specify the message severity as error.  Also the expression language used below allows us to "grab"-->      
        <\!-\- the exception that was captured above and then pass it to the h:message tag for display to the end \-->    
        <\!-\- user.  Much nicer than a debug screen.                                                             \-->     
        <message severity="error">

With this you should actually be able to catch everything and expose it for what it is. the viewId.currentValue thing is a piece of code we used to write to the current page, but you could redirect to wherever you wanted.

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Nope. Nothing i put as an exceptio class works. – John A. Zoidberg May 13 '11 at 12:35

I found this link on Seam's community site where they are discussing a similar problem. Perhaps your answer is there? They cover a couple of different solutions, depending on where the problem stems from.

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Try using the following in pages.xml:

<exception class="javax.faces.application.ViewExpiredException">
    <redirect view-id="/pages/login.xhtml">
        <message severity="error">Your session has timed out, please Log-In again</message>
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