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I have a C# project in vs2010 that generates a XML documentation file, where I have set the output path of the generated file to the project output path.

My problem is that the file does not update when the path to the document file is the same as project output path, and the file names are the same (except for the file extensions).

Does not update XML file:

  • C:\MyProjectFolder\MyProject.dll
  • C:\MyProjectFolder\MyProject.xml (documentation file)

But when I change either to another folder or change the documentation file name, the file is generated correctly.

Does update XML file:

  • C:\MyProjectFolder\MyProject.dll
  • C:\AnotherFolder\MyProject.xml

does also update XML file

  • C:\MyProjectFolder\MyProject.dll
  • C:\MyProjectFolder\AnotherFileName.xml

Or more correctly; when the path and file name is the same as in the first example, the file is regenerated, but with old info and old modified time stamp.

It worked before in VS 2008, and I don't want to change the file name or path because others depend on it.

Any suggestions on what might be wrong? Could it be a temporary file that is copied? Maybe some cache could be cleared in VS 2010 folder?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I have noticed that if the original XML Documentation file is deleted, and then a new name specified in the project properties, the new XML Documentation is generated and is correct and up to date, but the old XML file with the old name is recreated too - still in its previous state. This must be cached somewhere...

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I have the same issue in VS2012 but the path to the XML doc file is \bin\Debug\CompanyName.ProjectName.DAL.XML. If I change the XML file name to Test, it will update on build so I have to do that, then rename the file to what I would prefer it to be to get it to update. –  BBauer42 Nov 26 '13 at 16:04
Hi, can you please tell me how did you change the documentation file name? I can understand that you did it quite a long time ago..but by any chance do you remember? –  LittleMissSunshine Jul 9 '14 at 10:11

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I use VS 2010 and xml documentation is regenerated correctly on each build. I've prepared sample project, you can check that documentation is updated on each build too: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9287830/TestXmlDoc.zip

Even simple rebuild force file update. If you modify class description and rebuild you should also get xml with updated description.

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