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Recently I came across with surprise the the current version of GDB support python scrippting, which very likely means I can plot variables while debugging the program -- something I dreamed about a long time ago. However, I quickly get stuck because I can't get a variable's value "out of" GDB and assign it to a python variable. The method should be inside the gdb module, but I don't know which function to call. Anybody knows? Tell me please :) Thank you!

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To access the variable x in the currently selected gdb frame, you can use

x = gdb.selected_frame().read_var("x")

This will assign a gdb.Value instance to x.

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Thank you! Your answer is very helpful, and the link is informative. Just another question: I have a Fortran array assigned to a python variable "x" in this way, and I'd like to convert this gdb.Value type to a python list -- I have to do this element by element, right ? Because there doesn't seem to be a single function to achieve this. Thanks! – mayasky May 12 '11 at 14:40
@mayasky: It should be possible to directly convert the address to some ctypes or NumPy array, but I don't know exactly how. – Sven Marnach May 12 '11 at 17:16

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