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Suppose I have a Base class:

class Base {
    friend SomeOtherClass;

And there is another (different) class that inherits from Base:

class AnotherClass : public Base {}

Is friendship inherited as well?

Thank you

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Yet another question that should have been answered easily using a COMPILER. –  shoosh Feb 28 '09 at 11:39
@shoosh: compilers do not necessarily conform to standards. Such a question should be answered by the standard, not compilers. –  Hosam Aly Mar 1 '09 at 7:58

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In principle, a derived class inherits every member of a base class except:

* its constructor and its destructor
* its operator=() members
* its friends

So, no. Friends are not inherited.

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It's interesting that you chose the exact wording to say that as this website: cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/inheritance –  dicroce Apr 24 '09 at 20:48

No it isn't.

Edit: To quote from the C++ Standard, section 11.4/8

Friendship is neither inherited nor transitive.

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No it isn't, as documented here: http://www.parashift.com/c++-faq-lite/friends.html#faq-14.4

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The example in the link shows the opposite case to the OP's question. I'd like to add that SomeOtherClass will have access to the Base fields and methods inherited in objects of AnotherClass. –  Hosam Aly Feb 28 '09 at 11:06

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