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Hi In Flotr Playground ( site also the Y Axis Title is appearing in a Horizontal Way

See the Image here

Please tell me how to resolve this ??

I want to have the Text in Vertical Style for Y axis Under my Charts .

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Check out the quick start guide Looks like you need to investigate a little more, and work out the solution by playing with the Flotr.draw() options

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Even the Flotr Playground doesn't work for titles , and there is nothing mentioned in the Flotr Documentaton .

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You need to disable the option HtmlText by setting it to false.

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options = {"HtmlText": false, "yaxis": {"title": "abc", "titleAngle": 90}};

As Fabien Ménager mentioned, You need to turn off the HtmlText option. Then the title and the title angle can be adjusted.

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