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I am trying to get some scrolling text on my web page. The solution I found is to create a static empty marquee tag on the page and the access it with the DOM parser and set my text with setInnerHTML method. (The text I put in is dynamic and comes from the server)

Anyway the text show up correctly but serverous glitches appear with the animation. Sometimes it just dont start sometimes it start and scroll too fast...

Is there any solution to fix that or replace the marquee tag with another type of text scrolling.

Im using GWT 2.2!

This is my marquee Tag

       <MARQUEE id="marquee" onMouseOver=this.stop() onMouseOut=this.start() scrollAmount=7 direction="left" width=100% height=20%/> 
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Marquee generally doesn't work very well - it's basically a deprecated element (see the Wikipedia entry on this topic).

However, if you need a marquee, you could

  • either code it as a JavaScript animation (could produce relatively high CPU load!),
  • or use the "silky smooth marquee" solution, which is a jQuery plugin that uses "native functions of the browser" (at least that's what they say) for the scrolling, and works pretty well.
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Two questions: a. when/where do I call the java script that's used to substitute marquee out? Note that we're talking about GWT here, so the elements do not exist after the page is loaded. b. This does not seem to support seamless/cylindrical marquees. Are you aware of a solution that does? Thank you. –  RAY Feb 13 '12 at 7:19
@RAY: a.) JavaScript calls can be made from GWT using JSNI (just pass your DOM element as a parameter to the JSNI method) - alternatively, you can create an Animation class directly in GWT (similar to this answer). –  Chris Lercher Feb 13 '12 at 12:32
@RAY: b.) I don't know. –  Chris Lercher Feb 13 '12 at 12:33

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