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I cannot find any. Damn, can't believe it.

All I found is this: http://libodbcxx.sourceforge.net/ but this is not the right documentation for me. I got a UnixODBC library for C++, and cannot find any doc O.o

I have this in the headers:

 * \file
 * \author  Peter Harvey 
 * \author  \sa AUTHORS file
 * \version 2
 * \date    2007
 * \license Copyright unixODBC-CPP Project 2003-2009, LGPL

But the documentation in sourceforge is totally different - the macro-s (or whatever are the things like SQL_SUCCEEDED ) are the same, but the classes are named different, For example, the class in ODBCStatement.h is ODBCStatement, not odbc::Statement, also odbc::ErrorHandler is ODBCHandle, etc. I have some strange member functions in class ODBCStatement like: doBindParameter, doPrepare, doExecute, etc and google knows nothing about them...........

Any ideas?

P.S. I should maintain a product, not written by me.

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There is NO such documentation. I contacted Peter Harvey, he advised (what I thought at the beginning) just to watch what his wrapper does in each function and watch the documentation for unixODBC - the C version.

The other option is to rewrite the software, using the sourceforge wrapper, as it seems to be well-documented.

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