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I want to create an converter from memory.

I have created the etrypoint_dat and then the c file from my converter and joined the two struct together:

    "", 1, 0, {
      { "ibm-5348_P100-1997", (const void *)&ibm_5348_P100_1997_cnv }

From the code I call

  udata_setAppData("icupackage.dat", &ntrypoint_dat, &status); // return is good

Now my question: How do I create the converter after the call fo setAppData?

The following does not work:

 UConverter* conv = ucnv_open("ibm-5348_P100-1997", &status);
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I found it myself.

The connection between the two structs must be named in this way:

{ "icupackage.dat/ibm-5348_P100-1997.cnv", (const void *)&ibm_5348_P100_1997_cnv },

then from code we can call:

  status = U_ZERO_ERROR;
  udata_setAppData("icupackage.dat", &ntrypoint_dat, &status);

and then:

  status = U_ZERO_ERROR;    
  _cnvCP1252 = ucnv_openPackage("windows", "ibm-5348_P100-1997.cnv", &status);

The .dat should be deleted. I leave it for consistences with the question.

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I make a typing error. The package has the name "icupackage.dat". _cnvCP1252 = ucnv_openPackage("icupackage.dat", "ibm-5348_P100-1997.cnv", &status); @manfred –  user750716 May 16 '11 at 10:15

I would instead suggest that you use the pkgdata tool with mode 'static' which will build a static library for you to link. This other example is the undocumented and fragile fragile way.

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Yes, I have found that the way above does not work in all circumstances and therefore I switched to pkgdata in static mode. –  user750716 May 19 '11 at 11:31
Please file a bug if there's something unclear about how to use things or if you have any suggestions. Thanks for using ICU. –  Steven R. Loomis May 19 '11 at 16:55

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