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Situation: I have an Android app that uses http requests to download and upload data over wifi. Now I need to connect through two routers and a proxy to the Internet. The devices are configured as follows: Proxy, Router, Router The Android device (Samsung i9000 with Android 2.2) is configured with IP Address, Mask 255.2555.255.0, Gateway, Proxy server port 3128. Now the browser can access the Internet through this arrangement, but my app cannot. Why would that be?

I've read a lot about the difficulty of passing through a proxy with Android, but the app works fine when connected directly to the proxy, so that doesn't seem to be the problem. Any suggestions? Connecting directly to the proxy is not an option to 70% of the users and this sort of set up seems to be quite common among my clients.

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Take a look at proxy configuration with HttpClient.

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Thanks for this excellent pointer. We implemented the second of the three solutions in the link (after the first one didn't work). Apologies to Peter for being so slow to confirm the answer. I was sure that I had done it already. –  MiG62 Jun 27 '11 at 23:36

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