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I have a stored procedure that returns a large number of results, and would like a better way to debug/ parse the results than copy/pasting into excel or whatever - is there a way to pass the results of the procedure into a query? e.g., if the procedure call was something like:

exec database..proc 'arg1','arg2','arg3'

my thought was to do something like:

select distinct column1 from 
(exec database..proc 'arg1','arg2','arg3')

which clearly did not work, or I wouldn't be here. If it matters, this is for a sybase database.


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Which version of ASE? – Matt Rogish Feb 28 '09 at 15:39

In SQL Anywhere 10 and 11(didn't see whether it's ASA or ASE you're asking about):

FROM procName(parameter1, parameter2, parameter3);

I don't have ASE, and I'm not sure if this works on earlier ASA versions.

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you could create a temporary table (#temp) in the sp and populate the result set in there. You can later select from the same temp table from the same session. (Or use a global temp table in sybase with ##temp syntax)

This is because what you want to do (select * from exec sp) is not directly possible in sybase

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The code below works in MS SQL 2005. I don't have a Sybase installation right now to test it on that. If it works in Sybase you could use a temporary table (or permanent table) outside of your stored procedure so that you don't have alter the code that you're trying to test (not a very good testing procedure generally.)

CREATE TABLE dbo.Test_Proc_Results_To_Table
    my_id		INT			NOT NULL,
    my_string	VARCHAR(20)	NOT NULL

CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.Test_Proc_Results_To_Table_Proc
    	1 AS my_id,
    	'one' AS my_string

INSERT INTO dbo.Test_Proc_Results_To_Table (my_id, my_string)
EXEC dbo.Test_Proc_Results_To_Table_Proc

SELECT * FROM dbo.Test_Proc_Results_To_Table
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Is it possible to rewrite the stored proc as a function that returns a table? On SQL Server this is certainly possible. Then you can do...

    <any columns you like>
    dbo.myFunc( 'foo', 'bar', 1 )
    <whatever clauses you like>
order by
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I'm not familiar with Sybase, but in MySQL you could use the IN parameter to write one SQL query for all this. Ex:

select distinct column1 from table where column1 in (your_first_query_with_all_the_arguments)

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I don't have Sybase installed right now, so some minor syntactic aspect may be wrong here - I can't check, but I used it extensively in the past: select * into #temp from proc_name('arg1','arg2','arg3') should create the local temp table for you automatically with the right columns. Within the same transaction or begin/end block you can access #temp by select * from #temp.

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The only real way around this problem is to create a table in your database to store temporary values.

Lets say the stored procedures selects Column1, Column2 & Column3.

Have a table (tempTable) with Column1, Column2, Column3 and set your stored procedure to the following:

CREATE PROCEDURE database..proc
  DELETE FROM tempTable

  INSERT INTO tempTable (Column1, Column2, Column3)
  SELECT Column1, Column2, Column3 
  FROM Table1 

then for your sql code to select the values have:

exec database..proc
SELECT Column1, Column2, Column3 
FROM tempTable

I hope this helps, I've come across similar problems before and this was the best I could work out.

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