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I'm looking for a way to split a URL into its component parts so I can handle each element. Why? Because the URL is a custom scheme in an iPhone app that I want to handle specifically.

For example, if a user taps a link with the URL myapp://section/?id=123 I want to use the string after the scheme as the indication of which section to jump to in my app and then split the key/value as an indication of which subview to present to the user.

I'm guessing a Regular Expression would do the trick.

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Here's an example for the NSURL class and its usage.

NSURL *url = [NSURL URLWithString:@"foo://name.com:8080/12345;param?foo=1&baa=2#fragment"];

NSLog(@"scheme: %@", [url scheme]); 
NSLog(@"host: %@", [url host]); 
NSLog(@"port: %@", [url port]);     
NSLog(@"path: %@", [url path]);     
NSLog(@"path components: %@", [url pathComponents]);        
NSLog(@"parameterString: %@", [url parameterString]);   
NSLog(@"query: %@", [url query]);       
NSLog(@"fragment: %@", [url fragment]);


scheme: foo
host: name.com
port: 8080
path: /12345
path components: (
parameterString: param
query: foo=1&baa=2
fragment: fragment
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+1 for an example –  JeremyP May 12 '11 at 15:44
Jeez you guys are fast! I just figured it out. I didn't realise NSUrl was so useful. Thanks! –  Lee Probert May 12 '11 at 15:51

take a look at the docs for NSURL;


scroll down to

Accessing the Parts of the URL

and see all that NSURL can do for you without a regex...

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A regular expression is serious overkill for this. Just split first at ://, then at /.

(You could have a loook at using an NSScanner, or as Bill Dudney points out, just use NSURL ;)

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