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I see a way to configure the DefaultHost with BusConfiguration(), but do not see a way to configure the RemoteAppDomainHost programmatically (without using a rhino.esb config file section).

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var cashier = new RemoteAppDomainHost(typeof(CashierBootStrapper))

See https://github.com/BjRo/LearningRhinoServiceBus

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JarretV - thanks for the answer, but I was looking for a way to avoid config files. –  Randy Klingelheber Mar 26 '12 at 18:54
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Override BeginStart from your bootstrapper and call UseConfiguration. Here's sample code that is working for me:

public class RemoteAppBootstrapper : AutofacBootStrapper
    protected override void OnBeginStart()
        var busConfiguration = new HostConfiguration()
            .Bus( "msmq://localhost/endpoint.a" )

        UseConfiguration( busConfiguration );

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