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I have a jquery colorbox (lightbox) that pops up when users click a button on my page. Under certain conditions though i want this colorbox to appear without the user having to click a button. For example when the page is loaded and variable is passed in the query string I want to pop up the colorbox.

For example the following code shows how when user clicks the signup button the colorbox appears (this is for a page called example.php)

<p class="signup_button"><a href="#" class="free_signup_link"><img src="images/buttons/sign_up_now.gif" alt="Sign Up Now"></a></p>

<script type="text/javascript">

What I want to do is if the page is loaded with a variable in the query string then the colorbox is automatically shown (eg for example.php?show=1)

if($_GET['show'] == "1") {
// show the color box 

Anyone know how to do this?


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This should work, it's probably considered a bit "dirty" however.

if($_GET['show'] == "1") { ?>
    <script type="text/javascript">
<?php } ?>
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Why not just use jQuery?

function getUrlVars() {
    var vars = [], hash;
    var hashes = window.location.href.slice(window.location.href.indexOf('?') + 1).split('&');
    for(var i = 0; i < hashes.length; i++)
        hash = hashes[i].split('=');
        vars[hash[0]] = hash[1];
    return vars;

var show = getUrlVars()["show"];

if(show == 1) {

Reference: http://jquery-howto.blogspot.com/2009/09/get-url-parameters-values-with-jquery.html

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How about this?

if($_GET['show'] == "1") {
    echo '
        <script type="text/javascript">
            $.colorbox( ... ); // or whatever that triggers the colorbox
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