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I created an Amazon Instance from a public EBS-backed AMI.

I Installed it, and made my changes.

Now I want to take this EBS volume with my changes and make that into a bootable AMI. How do I do this?

From the Amazon web console, it doesn't have any option to take an arbitrary snapshot or EBS volume and boot from that....It has to be a special "AMI" volume. How do I bless an EBS volume to make it an AMI?

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The process to create your own AMI from an EBS backed Amazon EC2 instance is nowadays straight forward, there are two options:

Amazon EC2 API Tools

How to achieve this via the Amazon EC2 API Tools is outlined in the Creating Amazon EBS-Backed AMIs:

You can create an AMI that uses an Amazon EBS volume as its root device with Windows or Linux/UNIX operating systems.

[...] You start with an Amazon EBS-backed AMI (for example, one of the public AMIs that Amazon provides), and modify it to suit your particular needs. [...]

When you have a running instance in the state you want, use ec2-create-image or CreateImage and specify the instance ID. Amazon EC2 powers down the instance, takes images of any volumes that were attached, creates and registers the AMI, and then reboots the instance. [...]

The (few and simple) detailed steps to achieve this from the command line are outlined on this page as well.

AWS Management Console

How to achieve this via the AWS Management Console is outlined in Creating an Image from a Running Instance:

This section walks you through creating an Amazon EBS-backed AMI from a running Amazon EBS-backed instance. If you don't have a running instance that uses an Amazon EBS volume for the root device, you must start one up (for instructions, see Launching, Stopping, and Starting).

This is even simpler than the command line to get started, but has the drawback that the instance must be powered down, whereas this is optional (though the default as well) when using the command line approach above:

As part of the process of creating your new AMI, we power down the instance and then reboot it. If you prefer the instance not be rebooted, you can use the Amazon EC2 command line tools to create the image instead of the AWS Management Console. The ec2-create-image command has a --no-reboot option. When you use the option, the file system integrity on the created image can't be guaranteed. [...]

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