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I have a fairly large fortran90 project in Photran. I find that sometimes the editor just hangs or is very slow. Saving a file or using ctrl+/ for commenting lines seems to trigger this slowness. Any solutions to this?

I do have refactoring turned on as I find it useful to navigate, turning that off seems to help some. Any other solutions?

I am using eclipse-Galileo, photran 5.0 on linux OS. I have jdk 6 as my java environment. Will updating to Helios and a later photran make a difference? Is it easy to update to Helios?

Edit: Just checked TOP, the cpu is working at 100% when I am trying to save a file! And I even have the refactoring turned off.

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Here is the answer to this question from the photran mailing list...


See the rest of the thread for more information.

The only solution for now seems to be to turn off refactoring.

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I was able to reproduce the issues with Photran refactoring on and off when using the same workspace with different Eclipse versions. I think you have to remove your ~/.eclipse and ~/workspace/.metadata directories and have a fresh start. I have been using the latest Eclipse (Kepler) with Photran refactoring on/off without any issue.

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I had given up on Photran and was back to vim. I will give your idea a try. –  Anu Feb 3 '14 at 14:41
Any luck? I'm even using idb as a debugger on Eclipse and variable autocomplete (CTRL+Space) is working. –  wgodoy Feb 12 '14 at 23:01
Sorry @wgodoy, I have moved to a different project that did not require Fortran. I will probably be starting another Fortran project later this year, will let you know how that goes –  Anu Mar 27 '14 at 20:05

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