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Currently I'm letting my user choose how they want their event to repeat: daily, monthly, weekly, or yearly.

I have these as tinyint(1) fields in my database. So - they're on the page as checkboxes, and I'm using javascript to catch when a user clicks one, and uncheck the rest. No big deal, and is working just fine.

TLDR: I would love to be able to have them in a dropdown instead. Is there a way to convert multiple tinyint(1) fields into a single dropdown? Or will I just need to do it manually (HTML form field not related to a database field), then convert the data when it comes into the controller?

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You can create a "repeating" table for the event repeating period. The table would have an id and a name field. Then, in your event field, create a repeating_id field. You can now create a model to your repeating table and use standard CakePHP conventions to populate the form by passing the results of a "list" operation on the table into your view.

The more I use CakePHP, the more I find approaching solutions this way much easier to create and maintain.

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Sometimes the simplest solution is the first one I overlook. :( Thanks! I'm going to wait for an explanation on the above ones before I decide for sure on the "best" answer, but I'm implemented this one, and it works as expected - thanks! – Dave May 12 '11 at 20:09

In your controller:

$this->set('fields',Set::extract('/COLUMNS/Field', $this->Model->query("DESCRIBE {$this->Model->useTable}")));

In your view:

$this->Form->input('yourdropdown', array('options' => $fields));
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This looks interesting, but I don't completely follow - can you offer a bit of explanation? – Dave May 12 '11 at 18:06

Convert it to a single ENUM field? repeats enum('daily', 'monthly', 'weekly', 'yearly', 'none') or somesuch would do the trick.

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This seems awesome - I've never used an ENUM field before. Any thoughts on the best way to incorporate into Cake? – Dave May 12 '11 at 18:06
I've never used cake, but shouldn't be too hard to create a dropdown with values that match the names you've put into the enum field. – Marc B May 12 '11 at 18:09

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