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I am calling a JSON source with jQuery that looks like this:

   total: 1,
   current: 0

My jQuery script below is returning NULL from the json call and I can't work out why? The data source is correct and working.

        url: source,
        cache: false,
        beforeSend: function(){
            target.before('<div class="feed-loading"></div>', function(){
        success: function(html){

            /* load feed data into target */


            /* updates attendances */

            $('.actionpanel a.attend').each(function(index) {

                var event_id = $(this).attr('rel');

                /* find if logged in user is attending */

                $.getJSON(settings.base_url + 'ajax/event_attendance/' + event_id, function(attendance) {


                    /* update attendance figures on page */

                    $('a.attend[rel="' + event_id + '"]').nextAll('.meta').text(attendance.total + ' attending');

                    if (attendance.current == 1) {
                        $('a.attend[rel="' + event_id + '"]').addClass('selected').attr('title', 'You are attending!');



I think it must be something to do with the fact its within another ajax call as I have used similar code elsewhere and its worked ok.

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I think your JSON is bad -- you're missing a comma. Try this:

   total: 1,
   current: 0
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Sorry, seems to be a copy paste issue. The json does actually have a comma. Thanks anyway. –  Plasticated May 12 '11 at 18:07

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