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How exactly do you include a line from a text file in a command in cmd


Text File1.txt


So you can execute a command e.g. start (line number here)

So "start 3" would launch outlook etc

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The following batch script reads and echoes the lines from a text file:

for /f "delims=|" %%i in (file1.txt) do @echo %%i

The delims is necessary if the text lines contain spaces (or anything other than '|', or any other arbitrary but rare character you want).

So you could probably modify the script to execute each line as a command:

for /f "delims=|" %%i in (file1.txt) do @start "x" %%i


You need the double %% if you're executing this command within a batch file, but only single % if you're executing it directly in a command shell window.

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You can leave the delims argument blank to read a line at a time. So it'd be for /f "delims=" ... –  indiv May 12 '11 at 22:20

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