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It's hard to describe my iPhone's situation..

I launched an App and used it. for example, a Twitter app.

After that I closed it with Home Button.

Then I launched a few apps which were enough to take most memory.

And, when I launch the Twitter app again, a screenshot(snapshot), which was taken exactly when I closed the app at first, was shown about 0.5~1 sec.

I know this is a way of animation effect, but mine is somewhat wrong, because that screenshot should be 'loading image (ex: Default.png)' if the app launched long time ago is about to start from the beginning (the 'twitter' app must be closed because of out of memory).

It makes stressful situation when I use kind of 'personal memo app'. Before I upgrade to iOS 4.3.3, whenever I launch this app, it requires password without showing any old screenshot. But now, everyone can see my memo because of that automatic snapshot which pops up about a second.

Help needed. Thanks!

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Before your app goes into background you need to hide/remove all the views you don't want to appear when you open the app again.

You should do this in the applicationDidEnterBackground: UIApplicationDelegate method.

See the Remove sensitive information from views before moving to the background bullet point in this section of the Apple Developer Docs.

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The only way I know to prevent that is to set "Application does not run in background" in your plist file.

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