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Simple, I have a GridPanel and a FormPanel. Inside the form there is a combobox with a separate store. The GridPanel has another Store. The store items have a PersonName and PersonId properties. I would like to know how do I update those two properties with the combobox text to PersonName and value to PersonId respectively when I save the form changes.


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Do you mean something like this?:

<ext:GridPanel runat="server" ID="gridTest" StoreID="storeData">
         <ext:Column DataIndex="personId" Header="Person">
               <ext:ComboBox runat="server" StoreID="storePeople" ValueField="personId" DisplayField="personName" />


This will allow you to select the name corresponding to an ID. The trick here is that in the grid though, it will show the ID number; not the name. To get it to show the name, you need to add a renderer onto the column to tell it to show a different value from the one it is bound to.

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