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I need to store a JSONArray object as a string then retrieve the string and convert it back to a JSONArray.

If I do:

JSONArray jArray;
String s = jArray.toString()
JSONArray newJArray = new JSONArray(s);

Will I get back the same object?

I'm trying to store a JSONArray in a SQLite database.

Here's what I'm looking at. http://developer.android.com/reference/org/json/JSONArray.html#toString()

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Why question? you could have just tried that before posting. –  Sagar Jun 2 at 19:24

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As long as it's a valid JSONArray to begin with, then yes.

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There is a problem while converting JSONObject or JSONArray to string using .toString() funciton. that it give quotes for inner curly braces.


converting JSONObject: { "phones": { "mobile" : "9037495473" "telephone" : "048327366590" } }

then you get the result in string as:

{ "phones": "{ "mobile" : "9037495473" "telephone" : "048327366590" }" }

notice the "{ and }" which is not required then you get an JSONException also.

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