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I have a view (View1, assigned to View1Controller) opened on my iPad. How can I get it to open View2 (View2Controller) and close itself... I am sure it's dead simple but I'm managing popovers and can't find something so simple. An animated transition would be preferable if possible.

Thanks for your help

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Here's a rough outline of one way you can accomplish this.

Let's assume you have properties in your AppDelegate called viewController1 and viewController2 (these should be nonatomic, retain to make memory management easier).

When you want to switch from viewController1 to viewController2 you need to remove to do the following

// Remove the old view
[self.viewController1.view removeFromSuperView];
// Release it's controller (just to economize on memory)
self.viewController1.view = nil;
if(self.viewController2 == nil)
    // Load the new controller from it's NIB/XIB
    ViewController2* vc2 = [[ViewController2 alloc] 
    // Assign it to property & release to keep memory management clean
    self.viewController2 = vc2;
    [vc2 release];
// Add the new view controller to the window
[self.window addSubview:vc2];

One of the easiest ways to inform the AppDelegate to switch views is to use the notification center.

Since you are retaining the view controllers in properties do not forget to release them in your dealloc. Hope this helps you out.

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What if my views were created without nibs and instead created by code. –  David26th May 13 '11 at 5:09
Just replace the initWithNib with however you are creating the ViewController1 and ViewController2 in your question. (Though even if the views are created in code you should just be able to pass nil for initWithNibName that will cause your controller's loadView to be called which is where you should be creating programmatic views). –  idz May 13 '11 at 5:13
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