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Has anyone have problem with using Silverlight 5 with backlight's DragDockPanel?

When I have DragDockPanel or add a DragDockPanel in the DragDockPanelHost, there will be java script error :

Line: 56
Error: Unhandled Error in Silverlight Application 
Code: 2028    
Category: ParserError       
Message: The name already exists in the tree: PART_TopLeftClip.     
Line: 0     
Position: 0     

I wonder if anyone also have this problem?

I am developing a new project and was going to use the DragDockPanel for the main display menu... But as I know the Backlight project had been stopped, I wonder if there is any replacement for this control?

Thanks in advance,


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I created a simple Silverlight 5 test project, and added the following to the MainPage:

<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White">

And that worked in fine in FF4 and IE8 on Windows 7 Professional x86. The 2 dock panels were displayed and could be dragged and maximized/minimized fine. What version of the blacklight library are you using? I am using I assume you changed the target silverlight version of the blacklight project to be Silverlight 5.

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