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I'm trying to use NuGet to create a package from a csproj file. Command line like:

nuget pack MyProject.csproj 

The build fails in a dependent project with multiple "Warning as Error" exceptions even though all the project files are set to "Treat warnings as errors": None

Again, to clarify the build is failing in a dependent project (not the project in the command line). The dependent projects are referenced "by project" not by "by file".

The project are VS2010 SP1, and I just ran "nuget update"...

Is this a known issue? Any work around? Thanks!

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Looks like a bug. Properties from the project aren't being flowed correctly. –  dfowler May 16 '11 at 2:10
I'm assuming it's a bug too... Work around: Fixed all the warnings... :-) –  Scrappydog May 17 '11 at 15:10

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I believe this has been fixed. If you update NuGet.exe, it won't compile the project by default. Instead, you need to specify the -Build option.

nuget.exe MyProject.csproj -Build
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