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I'm trying to find a review tool (like Crucible or Reviewboard) for reviewing user interfaces (maybe screenshots). All I want to do is:

  • create a screenshot
  • circle a section of interest
  • and attach a threaded conversation to that markup

Clarification: I realized after the first answer that I was being rather vague about what I'm looking for. The goal is to allow dozens of applications (hundreds of screens) to be reviewed for consistency. I'd like to be able to mark up screenshots as quickly as issues are found. I imagine the perfect app for this having integrated screen capture, markup and threaded conversations.

There are a number of ways to do this of course (wikis, google docs, code review tools, etc), but what I'm really looking for is something which specializes on this particular workflow - a UI review tool.

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Use Review Board. It's not just for code. You can drag-and-drop image files; others can select specific areas in the image to create a new thread of comments. You still need to capture the image using a different tool though.

Reviewing Images in Review Board

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Code Collaborator will do image reviews; no circles, though, just push-pins with conversations attached.

Disclaimer: I work for SmartBear, maker of Code Collaborator - that said though, I'm unaware of other peer review tools that support image review.

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Thanks. This is a good though. I actually tried this in Crucible (which I believe handles images in a similar, although less flashy way), but it's a bit clunky for what I need. I edited my original question to more clearly state what I'm looking for (although I'm not holding my breath that such a tool exists). – Bryan Young May 16 '11 at 15:18

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