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We are using Joomla 1.5.21 and JCE 1.5.7 and have some trouble with the front end saving of articles. Saving the article in the front end has no effect on the article stored in the database and displayed for ordinary visitors but these changes are visible for the logged in user after reloading, deleteing the cache and cookies in the used browser. In other browser it is the same. Weird! I noticed these behaviour only when the user is classified as on editor or publisher, if he is an author the editor doesn't store any of my changes!

Has anybody an idea, what is happing? I am grateful for any idea, clue or suggestion, thanks!

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I'm not sure this is a stackoverflow-type question. This seems more tech support... It may help, however, to see this site/some related code. –  Salem May 13 '11 at 0:12

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Thanks Salem for your comment but finally we could solve the problem by ourself. The problem was caused by joomfish or more by my OS. I am using a german OS which sometimes switches from english to german on its own, so that we had two different (language) versions in the back- and frontend.

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