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How do I decode a file with hardware acceleration with ffmpeg?

I have written a working video player that uses ffmpeg. I have checked for support using "av_hwaccel_next" and found mpeg2_dxva.

However, when I load an mpeg2 file (as usual) I do not get any hardware acceleration. AVCodecContext->hwaccel and AVCodecContext->hwaccelcontext are both null.

Do I have to pass some flag somewhere in order to enable hw-acceleration?

I haven't been able to find any information regarding this, anyone know of a good source?

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hwaccel activation is controlled by

avctx->hwaccel = ff_find_hwaccel(avctx->codec->id, avctx->pix_fmt);

which checks codec and pixelformat pair of image and of all available hwaccelerators.

AVHWAccel *ff_find_hwaccel(enum CodecID codec_id, enum PixelFormat pix_fmt)
    AVHWAccel *hwaccel=NULL;

    while((hwaccel= av_hwaccel_next(hwaccel))){
        if (   hwaccel->id      == codec_id
            && hwaccel->pix_fmt == pix_fmt)
            return hwaccel;
    return NULL;

dxva2 has:

AVHWAccel mpeg2_dxva2_hwaccel = {
    .name           = "mpeg2_dxva2",
    .type           = AVMEDIA_TYPE_VIDEO,
    .id             = CODEC_ID_MPEG2VIDEO,
    .pix_fmt        = PIX_FMT_DXVA2_VLD,
    .capabilities   = 0,
    .start_frame    = start_frame,
    .decode_slice   = decode_slice,
    .end_frame      = end_frame,
    .priv_data_size = sizeof(struct dxva2_picture_context),

I suggest, there can be a pixel format conflit. You should check mediainfo of the media file.

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So do I need to override the pix_fmt of the avctx manually to PIX_FMT_DXVA2_VLD? When I look through the ffmpeg code I only see this value read, never set. –  ronag May 13 '11 at 7:34
No, seems that your file is incompatible by format with the hardware decoder. May be there is some pixel format convertor, but I'm unsure. Try other mpeg2 files. –  osgx May 13 '11 at 10:44

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