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I am trying to do the following in ruby on rails, but even if I can get an answer in mysql that would be great.

I have tables Student and Courses. Student -> Courses is one-to-many relationship.

  Student                   Course
|--------------|   |--------------------------------------| 
|id| name      |   |id | course_name | grade | student_id | 
|----------    |   |--------------------------------------| 
|S1| student 1 |   |C1 | Course1     | A     | S1         |
|S2| student 2 |   |C2 | Course2     | C     | S1         |
|----------    |   |C3 | Course1     | A     | S2         |
                   |C4 | Course2     | B     | S2         |
select * from Student 
where id NOT IN (select student_id from Course where grade = 'C')

I want to achieve same result using single SQL JOIN statement or using activerecord.

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2 Answers

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SELECT * FROM Student s 
LEFT JOIN Course c ON s.id=c.student_id AND c.grade = 'C' 
WHERE c.student_id IS NULL;

Or join to your subquery

SELECT * FROM Student s 
LEFT JOIN (SELECT student_id FROM Course WHERE grade = 'C') c
WHERE c.student_id IS NULL;

Or use exists

SELECT * FROM Student s 
WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT NULL FROM Course WHERE grade = 'C' AND student_id=s.id);

I'm afraid I can't test this at the moment and I have a suspicion that these queries may not help you. I have no experience with ActiveRecord. Let me know in the comments.

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First SQL Statement worked. I am not able to understand why you used 'IS NULL' in where condition. Could you elaborate on that? –  chetu May 13 '11 at 14:00
@chetu: A LEFT JOIN ensures that ALL rows from the left-hand table (Student) are represented in the results, even if there is no corresponding row in the right-hand table (Course). The right-hand columns - in the absence of any 'real' data - are NULL. In this query, they are the students we want... those not represented in the Course table when filtered on grade = 'C'. –  Rob Cowie May 13 '11 at 23:01
Thank you, Cowie! –  chetu May 16 '11 at 15:30
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select distinct s.*  from student s left join course c on c.student_id=s.id where c.grade!='c'

Student.all(:select=>"distinct student.*",:joins=>"left join course on course.student_id=student.id",:conditions=>"course.grade!='c'")
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It didn't work. –  chetu May 13 '11 at 13:58
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