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I have a community_users model that I route in the following way:

resources :communities do
  resources :users

This creates the route /communities/:id/users/.

I'd like to configure this route so that only the name of the community with the corresponding :id is shown.

In other words, if a community has an id of '1' and the name 'rails-lovers' - the route would read:


and not:

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You might want to check out the gem friendly_id

That will give you the clean URLs you are looking for.

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I'm not quite sure if this is what you're looking for, but:

One option would be to create the route

match ':community_name' => 'users#show_users_for_community'

and then in the UsersController have

def show_users_for_community
  @community = Community.find_by_name(params[:community_name])
  <do what you need to do here>

I'm not sure if that route will match too many URLs or not -- it's a very general route. So if you do this, maybe put it low down in your routes file.

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