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C#'s switch() statement is case-sensitive. Is there a way to toggle it so it becomes case-insensitive?


Thanks, But , I don't like these solutions;

Because case conditions will be a variable , and I don't know if they ALL are UPPER or lower.

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'case conditions will be variable' - I thought they are compile time constant expressions! –  YetAnotherUser May 13 '11 at 4:32

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Yes - use ToLower() or ToLowerInvariant() on its operands. For example:

switch(month.ToLower()) {
    case "jan":
    case "january": // These all have to be in lowercase
         // Do something
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You can do something like this

    case "YOUR_CASE_COND_1":
     // Do your Case1

    case "YOUR_CASE_COND_2":
    // Do your Case 2

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Convert your switch string to lower or upper case beforehand

 case "kek":
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