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I'm experiencing some IE7 nightmares. The page in question works perfectly well in chrome, FF, and IE8. In FF, the console show zero errors.

In IE7, though, all hell breaks loose. I can't tell from the builtin IE7 debugger what the issue is. I've tried removing huge swaths of JS to no avail.

As far as the CSS goes, I corrected it about a week ago and it was all working. I made some recent changes and it really broke in such a massive way that I'm having a tough time figuring out where to start.

Any help, especially with the js, would be massively appreciated.


Apparently, IE7 is strict with Object syntax. I had an instance like this:

{'test':true, 'game':false, }.

Apparently that ending comma makes IE 7 expect another key value pair.

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A quick look yields these blocks:

var contentString2=
'<div class="overlay_data">' +

    '<img src="http://nabshack.com/media/original_photos/apt-img5.jpg"/>'

    '<div class="overlay_details">'+

        '<span class="neighborhood">0BR, Brooklyn Heights </span>' +
        '<span class="price">RENT: $500/month </span>' +
        '<span class="price">DAYS POSTED: 15 </span>' +
'</div>' ;  

You've got a syntax error after the second-to-last </div>.

I'd suggest either breaking it up into chunks, or going one-liner:

var contentString2= '<div class="overlay_data"><img src="http://nabshack.com/media/original_photos/apt-img5.jpg"/><div class="overlay_details"><span class="neighborhood">0BR, Brooklyn Heights </span><span class="price">RENT: $500/month </span><span class="price">DAYS POSTED: 15 </span></div></div>';

As I don't have IE installed, can you post some screenshots of the hell? It would make debugging a tad bit easier.

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Hey Blender, thanks for that catch. I couldn't interpret the IE7 debugger at all. I've add a "+" to concatenate the last two divs. I still have some errors in the page. Also, I attached a screenshot of the joke that is the html/css rendering –  Ben May 13 '11 at 4:19
The Google Map has never loaded properly for me on this page (in IE7). The rest of the blank space is a new development. As far as I can tell, the debugger is indicating that I have a syntax error related to olark (a third party widget) and that it expected a "string, identifier, or number" in lines 104, 105, and 109. I can't see an error in any of those lines and I believe that Olark is fine –  Ben May 13 '11 at 4:24
Mind posting a link to it? –  Blender May 13 '11 at 4:26
you referring to the olark link? Unfortunately, Olark returns a bunch of responses and the IE7 bugger doesn't play nice in letting me grab the precise one. I tried removing Olark and I still had the syntax errors in the other three lines. So maybe that's the problem? –  Ben May 13 '11 at 4:39
Just another minor issue: <img src="http://nabshack.com/media/no-image.png"></img>. The <img /> tag is self-closing, like the way I posted it. The correct way would be: <img src="http://nabshack.com/media/no-image.png" />. Might screw up IE. Dunno. –  Blender May 13 '11 at 4:41

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