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I am trying to run this file from the ebook Learning Python The Hard Way with the "python" command, but it is not outputting anything. What's wrong?

# this one is like your scripts with argv
def print_two(*args):
    arg1, arg2 = args
    print "arg1: %r, arg2: %r" % (arg1, arg2)

# ok, that *args is actually pointless, we can just do this
def print_two_again(arg1, arg2):
    print "arg1: %r, arg2: %r" % (arg1, arg2)

# this takes just one argument
def print_one(arg1):
    print "arg1: %r" % arg1

# this one takes no arguments
def print_none():
    print "I got nothin'."  
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You need to call those function first. – riza May 13 '11 at 13:03

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Because that file doesn't actually call any functions, there's nothing to output.

That file just defines four functions and then does nothing with them. :)

Try adding calls to print_none, print_one, and so forth:

print_two("hello", "world")
print_two_again("hello", "world")
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Chances are, you aren't calling the function after defining them.

After those methods. Call them eg:


You can either put this at the end of the file, or if you are importing the file in the shell, you can just type it in straight afterwards.

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You are defining functions, but it doesn't look like you are calling them.

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If you come from a C or Java background, "you defined a bunch of functions but have no main loop".

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